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Comfortable furniture is also an essential element in Brabant’s cosiest wellness centre.

Pure enjoyment

Spa and thermal centre, SpaPuur in Tilburg, is a branch of the leading International Wellness Resorts group, and it is famed for its friendly atmosphere, good restaurant and beautiful conservatory with lovely chairs. SpaPuur’s facilities include a variety of saunas, baths and other wellness facilities for a complete day of wellbeing.

alliste model

Guests can enjoy views of the beautiful garden from these spacious chairs. Whatever the weather decides to do, there’s nothing better than relaxing in the conservatory after doing a round of the sauna. The Alliste model chosen by SpaPuur is a chair offering the best of both worlds; beautiful design, and the ultimate in comfort. According to Willem Künne, director of owner IWR, the comfortable chairs have both relaxed guests more, and measurably increased the amount guests consume since they stay longer in the Conservatory.

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