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In the most extensive wellness resort in the Netherlands, comfort in the relaxation lounges has been considerably increased with the arrival of Prominent Business lounge chairs. Guests now stay longer, and records show they consume more.

Relaxation in bathrobe

Relaxation is the main priority at wellness resort De Veluwse Bron. Visitors come to Emst from all over the Netherlands to enjoy a luxurious wellness day in the leading resort, and they stay for an average of 8 hours. Together with De Veluwse Bron, we selected the Alliste model, a wing armchair with a classic yet sleek appearance. We upholstered the chairs for De Veluwse Bron in moisture-resistant fabric, and in colours that perfectly match the interiors of the relaxation lounges. These chairs are also easy to clean.

Fantastic service

Willem Kunne, Operational Director of International Wellness Resorts on working with Prominent Business: “We decided to work with Prominent Business because, as an International Wellness Resort (IWR), we want to offer our guests a serene and relaxed day of wellness. The beautiful and comfortable chairs from Prominent not only fit our interior perfectly, they are also very comfortable. We really enjoyed working with Prominent Business, and the service is fantastic. Our guests are positive; they notice the difference, stay longer in our lounges, and consume more.

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