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The Zorg en Ziekenhuiskrant is a Dutch journal for hospital employees. The magazine recently published an article about the number 1 hospital chair in the Netherlands.

comfort, design and craftsmanship

Chair manufacturer Prominent produces and sells 30,000 recliners per year, which are mainly sold to consumers. Prominent Business was established especially for the professional market in 2015, with a special focus on the healthcare market. Because Prominent has all the skills required to design and produce chairs in-house, a special healthcare collection was established under the Huys label. It includes everything from stand-up armchairs for the healthcare market, to a fully developed and proven-in-practice cure collection especially for hospitals.

We believe a pleasant and comfortable environment is an integral part of providing good care, which is why the appearance of the furniture is just as important as its function. The foundations of the Huys optimal healthcare chairs collection was developed in collaboration with specialists. The products vary from light lounge chairs, on which a close relative can sit comfortably next to a loved one, through to healthcare chairs with extensive functions designed to help patients and clients in every way possible. Cure Collection designers study the care offered in various healthcare departments very specifically, then use the findings to design furniture that makes things easier for care providers and more comfortable for patients. For example, the ideal hospital chair was developed in close collaboration with leading hospitals: our “Daniel” model. The Daniel model is the perfect patient armchair, and thanks to its modular system it can be built specifically for every healthcare situation. This is all complemented by contemporary designs that reflect modern high-quality healthcare.

Custom-made for comfort

One example is a hospital that wanted to offer its visitors more comfort. This hospital cares for severely ill patients who are in intensive care, and who sometimes have to stay there for a long time. As intensive care nurses know, their relatives, friends and relatives like to be by their sides, often for hours, and sometimes all night. The folding seats they had were very uncomfortable and were in need of replacement. Their search for the ideal chair proved fruitless, so they turned to us to discuss what they needed.

As a result, it soon became apparent that our Cure chairs came very close to meeting the intensive care employees’ vision of an ideal chair. This formed the basis for further close consultations, and we ended up developing a recliner especially for their purposes. It can be cleaned with alcohol, has as few seams as possible, wheels under the seat make it easy to move the chair from one room to another, and, last but not least, it is very comfortable. The search for the perfect chair for this department led us to finally achieve a result everyone is very satisfied with. Building on this success, we can also provide your hospital with tailor-made solutions and comfort. Cure collection chairs can now be found at prominent hospitals in the Netherlands, such as the Maasstad in Rotterdam, the Rijnstate Hospital in Arnhem, the Willemina Children’s Hospital in Utrecht, and the LUMC in Leiden.


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