Comfortable living

de Meerenburgh

Highly personal residential care facility in an idyllic setting on the Heerlijkheid Leur manor.
Otium Care was given the opportunity to improve comfort even further.

Product description

Fabric in colour matching the existing interior
Recline position, suitable for intensive use

Comfortable living

De Meerenburgh is a private initiative that offers warm personal care in a residential environment. A small-scale setting, homeliness and personal attention are the main principles on which De Meerenburgh operates. Its idyllic location and the pleasant and comfortable living spaces are the added values this facility provides compared to regular care homes. That said, there was room for improvement in terms of seating comfort in the common areas, so De Meerenburgh contacted Prominent Business.

Esparta model

Comfort is of the utmost importance to De Meerenburgh. Aside from having functional upholstery and comfy seats, its chairs also needed to match its current decor. The space in question at De Meerenburgh had a clear colour scheme in which blue and orange played major roles. Prominent Business took stock of the care facility’s requirements and recommended the Vena model, as the colours and design of this chair are the perfect fit for De Meerenburgh’s current interior.

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